Activities in the local area

There are numerous children’s activities in and around the surrounding areas, the majority of said are within a  5  to 20 minute drive from the house and, with the exception of canoeing, are not age restricted. The canoeing is 5 minutes away  but restricts the age of participants to a minimum of 3, this is the case with all canoeing in the Dordogne

Activities Within a 5 to 20 minute drive.

  • chateau-des-etoiles-local-lakeThe town of Riberac has a very well organized water activity centre for days out on the river this is 5 minutes away from the house:
  • There is an equestrian centre close by and hacks are organized on a daily basis;
  • There are bicycles at the house but in the case of larger numbers or bicycles with children’s trailers and the like there is a local hire shop with a large selection and at a reasonable price;
  • The town of Riberac has six municipal tennis courts which are maintained to immaculate standards;
  • Lake Jamaye is less than 15 minutes away from the house and has a beautifully maintained sandy beach with free boating activities, a floating raft, two play areas with swings and climbing apparatus, sand pits and slides, one of the play areas is geared to the under threes and the other for older children, there are quite nice restaurants/bistros at the site if you haven’t arranged a picnic but they also sell ice creams and lollies there, too. There are full time lifeguards at the lake, however, the shallows extend to at least 20 metres before any real depth occurs.  there is a volley-ball area and beautiful walks around the lake;
  • The beautiful town of Aubterre is very close and makes for a splendid excursion there is a leisure complex at the river’s edge and a controlled swimming area with diving boards and again boating activities,  restaurants and to top this all off there is a monolithic cathedral which was carved secretly into the mountainside in the centre of the town, they are still finding new crypt areas at the site and this really fuels the children’s imagination, let alone that of the adults.  You could always visit the glass blowing factory afterwards.  The town of Aubterre is very lovely and boasts superb restaurants and snack bars, it is a perfect venue for a day out;
  • chateau-des-etoiles-local-playgroundThe town of Brantome, called the Venice of the Dordogne, is also a wonderful venue and the town also boasts a wonderful church which is cut into the mountain side, numerous water activities, glass blowing factory,  riverside walks and some of the best restaurants in the Dordogne and just 10 minutes away there is the wonderful cave at Villars with its historic cave drawings, stalactites and stalagmites.
  • Less than 20 minutes away is a lovely water park with slides, go-carts, boating, trampolines, swings, swimming areas with beach and a children’s adventure playground with a small train that goes around the whole area;

“More than 20 minutes away”

  • There are numerous world famous pre-historic caves in France and the Dordogne is at the very centre of these, at less than 40 minutes away has a wonderful set of cave drawings and is a grotto to be remembered, children just adore this site.
  • For the more adventurous there is a harnessed tree climbing activity site.  This is extremely controlled and the age limit is from 5 upwards.  there are different levels depending on age and ability.

“Very local”

  • chateau-des-etoiles-local-entertainmentAlthough markets are, traditionally, the love of adults, the market at Riberac (every Friday am) has terrific children’s activities within it. There are usually roaming knights enacting the crusade paths which passed through the area of the Dordogne on their way to Arabia and all sorts of hurdy gurdies, jugglers, balloon artists and many others, a lovely family day out.
  • Adults may wish to take in a concert, a myriad of which occur to all tastes throughout the summer, there are baroque evenings, jazz nights and many other things to do, antique street markets, night markets and organized town street parties.
  • There are several pizza houses and restaurants which all accept children, however, the house free relay service to the town and its free baby-sitting service enable guests to spend time out in the evenings with peace of mind that the children are in good hands, and no drink drive restrictions for those times of celebration.



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