Gastronomy | At the heart of the Chateau

Gastronomy is at the heart of the chateau and in the hearts of the owners. Explore the rich and light side of the chateau’s doubly, delicious  gourmet food .

Go back in time when every Sunday there were roast crispy potatoes followed by  lamb chops oozing  of gravy and mint sauce and assorted vegetables of all kind and to top that a homemade desert and  cheeseboard full of French delicacies including the worlds most renowned Italian cheese Gorgonzola . Imagine a world  of food where anything and everything at any time at any day is possible that just appears on your plate like magic.

A perfect dinner to remember not only for the good company but also the food might it be paella or canard confit followed by good wine such as  a Grand Crü Saint Emilien de Bordeaux.

The true description of good food is art. The simplest children meals can be turned into a smiley face that makes the children forget they have vegetables on their plate. Or a wibbly wobbly jelly on a plate that makes the children’s faces light up with joy!

The food is what makes this place so very special – among other things it is almost a fairytale come true . It’s lovely to wake up in the morning to croissants and pain au chocolat on the kitchen table along with a jug of pressed orange juice and tea or coffee. What could be more pleasant than that, when you have been woken up by your children early in the morning . Or having snacks brought to the table in the evenings before dinner, afternoon tea with scones, cream and jam and a victoria sponge cake while your children are being looked after.





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