Dinner Menus

There is an extensive menu at the house consisting of seasonal fish dishes, vegetarian dishes, meat dishes and dessert which are all home made. Soups, pastas, risottos and salads – all of which are purchased and prepared on the same day subject to seasonal availability.

Chateau Des Etoiles BakingAll accompanying sauces are made to order and as for the speciality dishes such as sweet and sour Singapore ribs you will get a taste of same during the free dinner reception.

At this time chef will make a variety of side dishes usually a risotto accompanied by a selection of fish dishes, moules marinier  & a further selection of meat dishes, salads and vegetables, a veritable feast which is followed by several home- made desserts. Topping the evening off with a glass of port or cognac and an espresso coffee.

With the exception of prawns, peas and fishfingers the house does not use frozen products. all produce including fish and meats are purchased and used on the day. If you have a particular favourite dish just ask chef and he will make it for you.

The children’s menu has all the usual children’s favourites along with home-made lasagne, pasta dishes fish fingers, risottos, soups and the like.

The house recently had a gourmet group who had just been to Northern Italy where they purchased a thousand pounds worth of truffles and then spent the whole week eating truffle based foods.

Anything is possible in the kitchen at this house.


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