Lunch @ the Chateau

Luncheon is prepared daily for children and adults alike and the menu is usually decided either during the evening before or in the morning, this service is free of charge as a service and the only payment is for the shopping, against receipts, for food used in putting it together.

Chateau Des EtoilesOn many occasion the adults prefer to have the children fed and then placed in the children’s room for their quiet time, some take naps and others might watch appropriate videos. Then the adults food is served this is usually more sophisticated than that of the children.

However and over the years, we have noticed that the adults enjoy the children’s food as an antipasto to their own meals and are more than pleased to assist in helping the children finish their own food with them!

Any special request for food is best requested on the day. During the year certain fish and seasonal meats are available at local markets and clients can always request that we are on the lookout for more unusual meals.

We do our very best to ensure that everything is possible in the kitchen. France still has the fish train and during the year means that there are many unusual varieties of unusual centrepieces for a lunch or evening meal. However, as all the food at the chateau is fresh this is sometimes governed by the availability.


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