History of Chateau Des Etoiles

chateau-des-etoiles-035The house and original owners had lived at the site since the 15th century and the house has undergone the normal changes which are inevitably dictated by history.

It was a much larger property in its earlier times and its agricultural holdings were vast as a house but as post revolution times came about this all changed and with lack of income from its former holdings the house soon became descaled and underwent a major rebuild both in the 18th 19th and 20th centuries.

The present owners brought the house into the 21st century with central heating electricity and a new plumbing system yet still retained the splendour of the ” oldy worldy ” feel, omnipresent throughout the house.

The family boasts many a celebrity including an old/new world explorer but, perhaps the most famous of all is Guy de Larigaudie, adventurer, author and a war hero. he was an enthusiast and above all a truly Christian spirit. He was inspired by the boy scout movement and helped co-found same in France with Baden Powell. the spirit of the man lives on in his books and there are 2 museums dedicated to his life in the local town of St. Martin de Riberac and Riberac.

The association created in memorium to this man has over a million followers worldwide throughout the scout movement alone, he is still viewed as the last of the old school of France and even has comic book adventures published weekly which are dedicated to his memory.

Guy de Larigaudie wrote many pieces dedicated to the fond memories he held of the house and of the spirit that the house, still to this day, exudes. The house simply envelopes one with homeliness and a feeling of belonging from the minute one steps into it and the same can be said of the grounds. It is quite a magical place.

The house has been completely restored in the style of its period, it is in the countryside yet via a private rd. has access to the town of Riberac in less than 5 minutes.

It is surrounded by farmland which in the spring and summer months abound with sunflowers and vineyards & the air smells just as sweet as the summers one can recall from one’s youth. the farmers are kind and always allow the children to visit the ducklings and rabbits which are still traditionally raised for food consumption in the Dordogne although nobody tells the children!

The town of Riberac is the capital of the pâté de fois gras industry in France. Riberac also boast one of France’s largest and best country markets every Friday and during the summer months the music festivals include several baroque and classical evenings at a variety of church and chateaux venues & numerous jazz and other modern musical evenings in the main square.

There are numerous venues local to Riberac which afford a wonderful day out for the whole family.

Feel free to browse through the activities and venue sites of this web site.

Chateau des Etoiles
Les Gerauds, St. Martin de Ribérac, Ribérac, 24600, France
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